Ubuntu Introduction

We are pleased to present the 2021 edition of Ubuntu Unleashed. Ubuntu is a Linux-based computer operating system that has taken the world by storm. From its humble beginning in 2004, Ubuntu has risen to become a perennial favorite for desktop Linux, as well as a popular choice for servers.

Ubuntu descends from one of the oldest and most revered Linux distributions, Debian. Debian is assembled by a team of talented volunteers, is one of the most stable and customizable distributions of Linux, and is well respected for its quality and technological prowess. It is, however, an operating system for geeks; the bar for entry into the Debian realm is set high, and its user base tends to be highly proficient and expects new users to learn the ropes before joining in. That is both appropriate and okay.

Ubuntu has leveraged the quality of Debian to create an operating system that ordinary people can use. This doesn’t mean that Ubuntu users are not technologically proficient, just that they do not have to be. In fact, many talented and respected software developers love Ubuntu because

it enables them to concentrate on their specific interests instead of the details of the operating system. This tutorials is for these people and for those who aspire to join their ranks.

If you are new to Linux, you have made a great decision by choosing the tutorials. Unleashed tutorialss offer an in-depth look at their subjects, helping both beginner and advanced users move to a new level of knowledge and expertise. Ubuntu is a fast-changing distribution that has an updated release twice a year. We have tracked the development of Ubuntu from early on to make sure the information in this tutorials mirrors closely the development of the distribution.