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Why is Microsoft Windows so ugly compared to Apple stuff?

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Why do you think that?

A decade ago thereabout, Apple decided to create and release actual Apple themes that could install and run on any MS environment. I TRIED 3. I liked Snow Leopard and Panther as opposed to Lion. Leopard with its purple was my fav.

I freaked all guys in scores because I had official Apple software on my Windows XP machine. In the WINDOWS PROGRAMS LIST these could be found and plainly stated as APPLE INC.

Quicktime media player was another Apple software that was Windows capable.

At the time Steve jobs had advance info that Vista was having some issues in its effective runtime capability.

Of course no one seems to consider VISTA was a MULTI CORE/MULTI THREAD OS before those really existed.

But in Jobs mind he though he might be able to STEAL some MS clients simply based on VISUAL ALONE.

So here I was with 4 user accounts on my XP CORP EDITION PC. 1 was Leopard and I loved the rolling task bar that made THE WAVE as your scrolled across it.

Now the guys at MS were not so stupid as Jobs thought and they took an element from what supposed to be XP SP4 package, and transformed that into a NEW AND SPECTACULAR VISUAL PACKAGE FOR VISTA aka AERO GLASS.

EVERYBODY LOOKED THE LOOK OF VISTA. They just had issues with the performance. That was a huge lesson in the long running battle of SOFTWARAE THEORY vs HARDWARE THEORY.

I have dared guys to install a VISTA OS onto a new pc and see what happens. IT FLIES. It does so because FINALLY it is in a runtime environment where it actually has HARDWARE THAT CAN PROPERLY RUN IT.


WINDOWS 11 LOOKS GREAT. Its a bad OS for too many reasons to go into, but it looks GREAT.



Which means we have AERO GLASS VER 2.

From the start Steve Jobs wanted all his stuff to be PRETTY. It was hardly actually functional but was pretty.

Bill Gates on the other hand wanted BIG BUSINESS so he wanted FUNCTIONAL ABOVE APPEARANCE.

Ok his OS resume includes most things NOT 100% functional but languishing in the 80% functional across the board since 1998.

BY FUNCTIONAL - I mean to indicate adaptive and practical through more varied packages and software applications. MS PRODUCTS HAD PROGRAMS AND SOFTWARE. This is why PC’s have been 80% of the market for 3 decades.

Apple while pretty is highly limited. YOU CAN’T ADD GRAPHICS CARDS TO MOST APPLE MACHINES or ram upgrades. There really is NO such animal as an APPLE GAMING MACHINE.

So artistic values aside, Windows for all it’s bs and problems has been the f150’s of the computer age while APPLE has been the Lexus.

For working environments you need that f150 because a Lexus although pretty just will not get the work done.


huh? Windows 11 looks terrible some of the icons look 10 years old some of them are the exact same as they were generations ago


Like I said = Win 11 is VISTA REBORN and that also brings us AERO GLASS ver 2. Aero glass is a very attractive theme. The only issue with ver 2 is the limits on theme and colors at this point.

But I have said always EVERY WINDOWS OS = WINDOWS NT. Windows 10 = Windows NT version 10. Windows NT was released in JUNE 1993. SO yes EVERYTHING WINDOWS IS OLD. Older than you care to know so why are people running like crazy to get a 30 year old OS????

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