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What is the best way to learn Artificial Intelligence for a beginner?

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I want to learn Artificial Intelligence. How can I begin ?


Artificial Intelligence is one breakthrough career path of the twenty-first century. It is a remarkable and intelligent decision to choose AI as your career path. People in the IT industry know its potential and pathbreaking career, which they can achieve through learning AI.

This is the reason many IT people are moving towards learning this technology. Apart from that every single industrial domain such as BFSI, Marketing, HR, manufacturing, etc is getting highly dependent on AI innovations.

AI is not just robots shown in movies. It is much more than just that. It is expert-level coding provided by computer systems through processing models to train them to behave in a certain way.


Anyone who wants to learn AI is a beginner at some time, whether it is a fresh college graduate or an individual already working and wants to move into this career path. Everyone starts somewhere someday. So, never take the pressure of the syllabus. For sure, learning is huge, but it is not complex. If followed properly, anyone can achieve it and interest matters more than the discussion on difficulty level.

Let’s go through the AI learning path and what are the pre-requirements before choosing this technology as your career path. I have covered all the important points below, so do give it a read:

Prior-requirement of learning AI:

AI is a complicated technology that necessitates a thorough understanding of how systems and software operate. The following are some of the reasons why this technology isn't suitable for fresh graduates:

  1. Compared to a total beginner, a working professional who has accumulated several years of knowledge on how systems work and what approaches are utilised in design thinking will find it easier to understand AI terms.
  2. AI entails deciphering backend data and is based on real-time streaming of data generated by various businesses. In actual life, a fresher will be unable to comprehend the data and its complexities.
  3. This skill is extremely useful for those who have experience with coding. A newbie may know how to code, but there's a good chance he or she will waste a lot of time cleaning up the code in the beginning rather than working on algorithms.
  4. The main reason for this is because businesses working on AI projects require a specialised set of skills to complete highly complicated, complex problem statements, which many people lack.

AI is in high demand, so it's always a good idea to brush up on your skills. So, for someone who wants to learn AI but doesn't have a clear curriculum, I have written a step-by-step guide to learn AI from basic to intermediate levels.

1. Working on your fundamentals: First and foremost, work on your fundamentals before going on to more complex topics in order to begin working with AI.

2. It's a good idea to start with Maths. Brush up on your math skills and go over the following concepts again:

Matrix and Determinants, as well as Linear Algebra.

Calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with Differentiation and Integration.

Vectors, statistics and Probability, graph theory.

3. Coding language: Once you have mastered your arithmetic skills, you can begin practising coding by picking a coding language. Java or Python can be studied. Python is the easiest of the three to learn and practice coding with because it has various packages such as Numpy and Panda.

4. Working on Datasets: Once you have mastered any coding language, you can move on to working with backend components such as databases. For example, you may now use SQL connector or other import modules to connect python or frontend IDE.

5. Lastly, I would suggest that you brush up your skills once you're equipped with all the practice work. You should enrol or join in for some courses to speed up the process. There are various online courses to learn from, but I have listed a few good ones which you can undertake for betterment.

There are some amazing institutes from different sites which I surely want to recommend here:

1. Learnbay: Learnbay offers a number of AI courses at the foundational, intermediate and advanced levels and at the senior management level. If you own more than a year of work experience, no other platform can be the best like Learnbay.

  • Variable courses that meet your ultimate needs-

Depending on your profile, you can select from a variety of options. They provide different courses for techies, non-techies, early pros, intermediate, and even leadership level pros. Their courses are associated with elective modules as per candidates domain expertise. Aspirants can choose elective modules and capstone data science projects expertise as per their choice. Available options include people administration, promotion and salesforce assessment, production and telecom, insurance and finance, leisure and travel, transportation, energy, oil and gas, etc.

  • Additional project expertise and domain-elective study scopes for techies- The advanced AI and ML course imparted by Learnbay has three additional electives apart from the one mentioned earlier. These are from the core engineering field- Advanced data structure and algorithm, system designing, Embedded engineering, etc.
  • You learn from scratch but up to the advanced level-

The submodules are so well-planned and well-designed that given a bigger find it is easy to learn, although the course covers the most trending and advanced level of industry-specific AI application.

  • Stacks of the practical assignments with on-time expert feedback-

Starting from the initial programming classes to the advanced ML modelling sessions, you will receive plenty of coding assignments. Experts will provide you with timely feedback on all the submitted assignments so that you can rectify all of your mistakes prior to stepping into the next sessions.

  • 1 to 1 learning support-

Even though you are a beginner, due to extremely personalised teaching, you won't feel the subject hard. You will get proper assistance at every single step of your learning. Apart from that, you get ample flexibility to join the live classes at any time, from any batch.

  • Guidance on Hackthorne-

Learbay offers guidance to attend and qualify Hackathons. This helps you to hone your coding skills.

  • Lifetime access to learning materials-

The recorded copy of attended live classes, all the premium learning materials, remain free to access for the rest of your life. This helps in enriching your continued learning.

They also believe that learning should be done through real-world based projects. As a result, you will gain experience with how AI works in 15+ real-time projects.

2. Edureka: Edureka is already a well-known brand that has been on the market for quite some time. They also feature several AI-specific mini-series to learn from. In addition, you will get lifetime access to their courses once you purchase them.

3. Simplilearn: Simplilearn offers relationships with IBM, AWS, Facebook Blueprint, and Microsoft, as well as some fantastic courses to choose from. They place a strong emphasis on structured study and practice with real-world challenges.

4. Coursera: On the internet, it is ranked in the top five. More than 3 lakh students have taken Stanford University ML courses, which has received a 4.9 out of 5. It Covers machine learning like Supervised and unsupervised learning, logistic regression and artificial neural networks, ML algo. These are among the topics covered and are best practises in AI and ML

Finally, I would like to recommend Learnbay for working pros and Edureka for freshers. Coursera is suggested exclusively for those who want to learn just for knowing more, not with a career up-gradation target.


Hi there! Firstly, I feel so happy that you have chosen to investigate AI through my answer. In this answer, I have provided complete information regarding AI and some lucrative steps for beginners to start approaching Artificial Intelligence. Loads of institutes like Upgrad, Learnbay, Simplilearn, etc., now provide lucrative AI courses. However, as a beginner, you can’t achieve the maximum level of learning outcomes from any courses until you know the right strategy of learning and choose the best-fit course.

Artificial intelligence enters our lives in various ways. For instance, we use services like Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, or Siri. But, on the other hand, when we play computer games, AI is forever our adversary. In any case, not every person realises that AI is available.

The comprehension of computerised reasoning opens bunches of chances. It's sufficient even in Google Translate and apparatuses that distinguish spam messages.

Dominate the rudiments of this innovation to see how straightforward apparatuses work. As you study AI more deeply, you get an opportunity to turn into a designer who will make advanced AI applications like IBM's Watson or self-driving vehicles. There are endless possibilities for outcomes that can be achieved in this area.

Now let me suggest to you some steps, Which are very beneficial for beginners to start their career in AI.

  • Get a degree by attending a guided course on AI.

A dedicated AI training is one of the most important practical ways of mastering AI. A self-guided course will lead you deep into the realm of Artificial Intelligence.

If you're planning to enter the field this course is essential. A course that is guided will get you in touch with experts in this field as well as excellent study material.

So, it is important to attend a guided course for a complete learning experience.

[You can refer to the last section where I have given the best information about institutions/ courses regarding AI.]

  • Reading books and articles regarding Artificial intelligence

Apart from courses on artificial intelligence, passionate programmers, software developers, and computer science students can also read books on the topic. This idea effectively makes a person more dedicated without any deviations in the time of Learning AI. There are many available that are both fascinating and puzzling. All of them will help broaden your knowledge of AI and its potential.

  • Attend webinars, conferences on AI

The world is grooming competitively. So it's time for some deeper reasoning on AI. One of the best methods to gain knowledge is attending conferences and webinars, as well as watching live talks. If you listen to experts with high experience in AI can make your mind shape the career clearly and perfectly.

  • Use machine learning professionally.

You need to determine what your career goals are and create your portfolio. If you're not yet prepared to submit your application for machine-learning jobs Look for other projects that will make your portfolio impressive.

  • Projects

The best way to learn anything is to practice it properly and apply it in our daily lives. So, it is essential to indulge in lots of projects and gain practical exposure. From Difficult projects to the ones you are personally interested in, you have to work and build your portfolio constantly.

If you are a newbie with little prior experience in AI these are the small steps that are logical. In addition, it will allow you to take enough time to think about the transition between each step, and then prepare for the next step.

Anyone who wants to learn more about AI is spoiled for choices available.

For instance, they can enrol and try some best online courses. Some of them are pointed towards individuals with a specific degree of technical information and spotlight on coding. At the same time, different courses will assist with evening the people who don't have any earlier skill in programming and designing.

Let me list some institutions and courses.

  • Learnbay(highly recommended for experienced and careerist learners)

Learnbay is probably the best foundation to pick AI and ML courses for working experts. The current prerequisite of the business plans for each course. By and large, Learnbay gives the best IBM affirmed information science courses at the least cost. Phenomenal preparation and great substance make Learnbay an extraordinary stage to gain proficiency with AI and ML.

After thorough research in every course provided by Learnbay, I have found the best course for Artificial intelligence and ML, i.e.,

  • Advanced AI & ML Certification-To expertise in AI and ML

Advanced AI and ML programs are planned with Domain Electives and Project Expertise for working experts having 4+ years-long stretches of involvement with core tech and programming space.

This AI and ML Certification Course is particularly utilised for working specialists to break interviews in product-based organisations and new businesses as AI and ML experts. This course will help you to dominate data science abilities. Furthermore, it will assist you with meeting product-based MNCs with more certainty if you are searching for work in Artificial intelligence.

This program duration is 9.5 months (weekdays)/ 11-months (weekends) and costs up to 79000/-.

Key features in this course

  • You will be taught and trained with 15+ Real-time projects from multiple domains like healthcare, social media, Telecom, BFSI, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, and AI. these live projects you can observe through premium cloud lab access provided by Learnbay. How the FAANG company collects datasets, filters them, plans and executes machine learning models, everything you will experience live.
  • Complete live faculty-led online training will be provided. No need to hold your queries until scheduled interactive discursive sessions-ask instantly during the live class.
  • 1 to 1 confusion Clarence sessions after every single learning module completion.
  • Two capstone projects will be covered in this course with perfect guidance from industry experts in the same domain you selected. All the guides hold more than 7 years of industrial experience backed up by alumni status of IIT-Roorkee, IIT-Madras, BITS-Pilani etc. Own project ideas are highly appreciated.
  • No fear of missing any classes or leaving the course incomplete due to work pressure or any other reason. The course entitles 2 years of flexible subscription for attending any live classes from any batches at your time convenience.
  • Special classes for people with no coding background for the sake of 'Module-0', Through this session, they can master complete programming skills from scratch.
  • As the course is tailored for tech people, hence consist of core engineering domain electives like IoT, Embedded Engineering, Cloud computing, automotive, and advanced DSA. Unlike the industry-specific elective domain mentioned above, these IT-specific domains also provide project expertise scopes.
  • Complete job assistance will be provided, which includes customised one against one preparatory interview support, resume building, project portfolio handling (based on targeted role and company), etc. This institute offers targeted job referrals from top MNCs and FAANG companies like IBM, HSBC, Sigmoid, Wipro, Accenture, etc.

This course of Learnbay is really useful in any event. For an amateur in programming, coaches are steady to the fledglings as they are first short on the fundamental rudiments in coding and afterwards further with the course. On the other hand, every good factor for a working professional will be taught as segments in this course, and by completing this course, you will be awarded an IBM certificate.

  • Learn with Google AI (Recommended for self-paced, casual learners):

This is a new course dispatched by Google to allow the overall population to get what AI is and how it functions. Although the asset is developing gradually, it has an AI course for novices incorporating Google's TensorFlow library. This course will assist with evening the individuals who think nothing about AI, covering the fundamentals of AI, presenting TensorFlow, and clarifying the critical standards of planning neural organisations.

Finally, It is very important to conclude your career with the best institution by selecting an appropriate course in AI. Therefore, Learnbay is the best place to survive and grow your career to unbelievable heights for working professionals. Therefore, I urge you to choose the google AI course for beginners, which is a bright idea to start from scratch, and this course is completely free of cost.

I'm always available for your queries. Please don't hesitate to comment.


I am really happy to answer this question. The study of AI has been the biggest hype of the 21st century. The opportunities in this field are impressively booming. Hence, heading towards an AI career is a good decision. But, do you know that lots of AI talents are still struggling to get a job? At the same time, most of the business domains are also suffering from massive expert AI skills. Why such a contradictory situation!!

The reason is wrongly acquired AI skill overflow. Yet, almost everyone is pursuing sundry data science and artificial intelligence courses, but very few of them are on the right track. The massive shortfall that presently exists in domain-oriented AI skills.

Before answering the question in detail, let us understand what exactly AI is? This will help you to construct the right learning path as a beginner.

What truly is artificial intelligence (AI)?

iIntelligent retrieval aka AI is a machine's ability to perform cognitive functions as humans do, such as perceiving, learning, reasoning, and solving problems. The benchmark for AI is the human level concerning teams of reasoning, speech, and vision.

The application of Artificial Intelligence or AI is growing exponentially. Artificial Intelligence will revolutionise the economy of the world. In addition, AI jobs are highly sought-after. The process of acquiring a degree in AI isn't easy and requires perseverance and determination.

If you're a beginner, You may be confused at first about what to do to begin your journey into AI. If you're looking to learn how to better commiserate with AI development, don’t think much: ‘Google’. There is a myriad of free articles, resources, and online courses that you can use to begin to learn about the fast-expanding field of AI development. These resources give a novice programmer a simple, low-risk approach to getting involved in AI to determine whether it's something you'd like to investigate.

But keep in mind. These free resources, as well as the self-paced learning though are good for the preparatory stage only. In the case of a targeted career plan avoiding investing in a professional, the institutional course might draw severe career risk.

As a beginner in artificial intelligence, the following are the prerequisites to learn Artificial Intelligence:

  • Sound knowledge of Mathematics.
  • Good command over programming languages.
  • Good Analytical Skills.
  • Ability to understand complex algorithms.
  • Basic knowledge of statistics and modelling.

Now, what will be your starting point- applied mathematics or the programming language? This decision is completely upon you. There is no such historically proven way to start programming or statistics (applied math). Below is the way that I followed.

1. Understand The Math Behind artificial wisdom

About 80% of aspirants hold a misapprehension that programming and coding are the cornerstones of AI project success. But it’s nothing but a myth. It’s the statistics that powers up AI projects’ outcomes. To write and deploy complex algorithms, you need to understand the math magic behind them.

Below is the key to the statistical room associated with AI.

  • Linear Algebra
  • Matrix and determinants
  • Permutation and combination
  • Differential and integral calculus
  • Equations of curve and lines (coordinate geometry)
  • Correlation calculus
  • Probability functions

2. Brush Up On Python

AI is growing rapidly, and those who can use AI will stand out from their peers. Python is the preferred programming language of choice because it is simple to comprehend and write in, comes with a variety of libraries, and boasts large user communities. Python is able to support advanced machine learning as well as deep learning applications of popular frameworks such as TensorFlow.

3. Build a Strong Foundation, First

What I mean is apart from the programming and statistical skills, be strong in soft skills too. To become an AI expert, you need to be a ninja of abstract thinking, communication, and convincing skills. Above all, you need an eye for detail and a sixth sense of right and wrong for filtering data. In the world, you need to achieve the passion for becoming an AI expert.

4. Start with simple AI algorithms projects

One of the main success aspects of learning AI is developing an understanding of the way AI systems function. One method to build this sense of intuition is to build things. Take, for instance, something that is interesting to you and requires an easy AI algorithm. Then, you can develop the algorithm by starting from scratch. There may be some learning curves; however, you'll gain a lot of knowledge in the process, and the benefits over time are important.

The reason for this is because using an online AI program will help you learn better and assist you in learning the basics earlier in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, many of these online learning platforms will provide you with certificates that enhance your profile and your abilities.

Now let’s come to the ultimate step of learning AI from the perspective of super growing career building. What you need to do is enrol for the best-fit instructor-led course.

With a wealth of information available online, narrowing down the best ones is certainly challenging. Online learning platforms such as Edureak, Learnbay, and UpGrad are popular.

When it comes to the 'best-fit’, and you have 1+ years of experience, then I would recommend Learnbay.

  1. Learnbay

Learnbay provides IBM Certified Data science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning courses. Their courses are suitable for working professionals and non-programmers too. Their available courses are-

  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Certification Program With Domain Specialisation- For those who have at least one year of experience working in any field: 65k INR
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course- For those with more than four years of experience and prior experience with programming, such as C, Java, C, C++, Java: 79k INR
  • Certification in Data Science and AI for heads and Executives- For those with more than eight years of experience and either holding or targeting leadership positions in any domain: 79k INR

But why such a recommendation?

Just remember, at the initiation, I mentioned the AI domain of every single sector suffering from domain-elective skill shortage. As an experienced candidate to secure a job in the AI field, you need such training that assists you to apply your existing skills in collaboration with newly earned AI skills. I found, only Learnbay provides adequate domain-specific training on AI, ML and deep learning. Below are the comprehensive reasons for my recommendation.

  • Perfectly designed course modules: They provide the best curriculum course structure with-
  • Programming
  • Statistics
  • Algorithms
  • NLP
  • Computer vision
  • Neural Network
  • Time series
  • Big data
  • Hadoop
  • Apache-spark

The courses are perfectly balanced in conceptual and practical studies. Along with 200+ live sessions, you also get 100+ coding assignments throughout the course. All of the assignments are regularly updated and are industry-grade.

  • The courses are made-to-order with elective modules:

The projects in this course cater to various domains such as sales, marketing, and HR, retail e-commerce, and supply chain, healthcare pharma and clinical research, banking, finance, and insurance, manufacturing mechanical and telecommunications, media hotel and transportation, and energy oil and gas. Lining with your expertise, you can choose anyone from these. The elective modules will teach you the application of AI in your domain associated with concepts and theories from the basis.

  • Special assistance to those who are not core programmers:

Although it can be learned, to get an AI job in any product-based MNC, you need to be a programming ninja. With the free of cost add-on special programming class, Learnbay helps you to achieve the ninja level of Artificial intelligence associated programming.

  • The ultimate learning outcomes are associated with the level of hands-on learning:

Through 12+ Livestream industrial projects (MNC projects), you learn the most trending and tricky practices of handling ML models, Data analytics best practices (Industry-specific). Likewise, each course offers unique capstone AI and data science projects that you complete at your own effort and idea but under an extensive degree of industrial expert guidance.

  • Highly bespoken learning support:

As a beginner, what you need the most is personalised learning guidance. Via maintenance of small size batches, 1 to 1 discussion sessions, and completely live and interactive classes, Learnbay offers the best ever learning support to the beginner. Keeping your professional time boundness in your mind, the data science courses of Learnbay provide 3 years Flexi subscription for changing learning schedules, batches, and even tutors several times.

  • Committed placement assistance:

You get job assistance with resume sessions, Mock interviews, and job referrals to land your dream AI job. The services remain unconditionally active until your job offer letter arrives.

In case you don't have any work experience, and the Learnbay course seems too much experienced based to you, you can opt for Eureka ML and AI courses where you get:

  • More generalised AI training on concepts and tools.
  • The flexibility of self-pieces learning through recorded video classes.
  • Graded assignments.

But yes, you need to compromise a bit in terms of projects and placement assistance.

I hope this answer will help. Thank you for your time reading.

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