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Is react library used in frontend or backend web development?

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I wanna learn react. Because people listen this language. It is so popular why? Can I use it for backend?


It is used in front-end because it’s frontend library.

What is react?

  • React is a front-end library to make developers work easier.
  • React is a User Interface (UI) library.
  • React is a tool for building UI components.
  • It is based on Javascript.

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A lot of folks seem to be under the impression that react can only be front-end, however, due to SEO (search engine optimization), it's becoming more important to have many pages elements rendered before getting to the browser.

For this reason, many frameworks that used to be primarily front-end frameworks are supporting SSR (server side rendering).

This includes react.

ReactDOMServer – React

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This depends where you put the limit between front end and back end.

Typically modern web applications have three tiers:

  • the data layer (unambiguously backend)
  • the web server,
  • the client (unambiguously frontend).

The web server is where a web app is being hosted. Beyond serving the files and handling client connections it performs some tasks such as sending the data requests to the data layer, getting the response and sending it down the client, security, etc.

Originally React was focused on client-side code. The client would get data from the servers, then would generate an interface.

Increasingly, React is used on the web server layer through server side or hybrid rendering. Server-side rendering means that the powerful web server will get the data it needs, prepare the interface then send it back already made to the client who will just display it. Hybrid rendering means that the server prepares an initial version of the interface, then the client can request additional data and update that interface.


React library is used pnly for front-end development.

It has nothing to do with BE.

If you want to have server side rendering, you can achieve it using node js in any react js project.

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