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How do I earn money by learning to code?

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I need to know how much money can I earn with coding ?


Making money through coding is quite lucrative as the world is fast evolving into a jet age, IT is the new big deal and companies are looking for young and old programmers to work with as a long as you have the right mindset.

As a programmer you can also work as a freelancer, as simple as it sounds, it takes a lot of discipline and effort to source for clients to work with. Freelancing works better if you the power to self-regulate without this then there isn’t a need to walk the freelance path.

This is one of many ways to making money coding.


How to Make Money While You Learn to Code

It’s no secret that learning to code takes time. While plenty of people have a natural flair for it and can build functioning apps or websites within a few weeks, there’s a lot of elbow grease required for others. No matter how much of programming genius you are however, everyone starts off earning the same amount of money; zero. But that’s not to say that you can’t start earning money right away. Sure, it may not be the $100k+ salary that senior web developers rake in, but it’s a start. And every penny counts, right?

Here are five ways to earn cash while learning to code.

Make Apps

Most people seriously over-estimate the skill level required to build an app. In fact, these days you don’t actually need any programming skills thanks to certain software. But that’s certainly not the route for budding programmers to go down. If you’ve been learning Swift or Objective-C, you’ll be able to create basic iOS apps within a few hours. If you have a useful, marketable idea for an app, you can easily make money by building it yourself for free, launching it on the the App Store and selling it to the public. All with just a day’s worth of work. If you think you have a flair for app development and the million dollar app ideas just keep coming, check out PhoneGap, Appcelerator or Apache Cordova. These automatic coding apps can help you make apps in minutes rather than hours – but that doesn’t mean you can skip on your coding studies.

Work for Locals

Start-ups and big businesses naturally require professional-level programming. But small local businesses often just need the most basic apps and websites. Generally speaking they also don’t have huge budgets to hire web or app developers. In other words, they want a solution that is as simple and cheap as possible. You are that solution! If you can prove that your skills match their needs (and trust us, in most cases they will), local business owners will be more than happy to hire you. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect to be rolling in cash – but it’s a great way to land your first job, gain experience with real life projects rather than just building things for yourself, and you may even get a second or third job out of it. Ask around your neighbourhood or advertise your services locally and see what happens.


Hello Friends ! Very Nice Question Asked .

First we have to understand what is Coding ?

Coding, in simpler terms, means feeding our commands in the computer in a language the computer understands, so that the computer can carry out the said command, and perform the task.

How Coding Works ?-

Computers and artificial intelligence are built up of, mainly, transistors; and these transistors act as the 'brain' of the computer. Hence, the computer only understands the language of 'on' and 'off,' guided by the transistor switches. The on and off are represented by 1 and 0, respectively, in a binary system. Therefore, your computer and every other gadget run on an infinite sequence of binary codes.

These binary codes form the machine code, with each number directing the machine (your computer) to change a sequence in its memory.

Programming languages make the binary code language of the computers more manageable by translating our commands into binary code.

Coding means using the programming language to get the computer to behave as desired.

I assume you meant "How can I earn by coding?"

You can any of the following

  • be a freelance developer
  • work at a company
  • create an application that generates you revenue

If you are a freelance developer, you can try to find some sort of contracted jobs. Sometimes you might be able to become a consultant.

If you work at a company, you could always become a software engineer, systems engineer, analyst, etc. You'll still end up doing some sort of coding.

Last of all, if you can create some sort of application. It could be mobile, web or desktop based. The application could either be sold for x amount of dollars, be free and have ads that generate you revenue, or have some other type of monetization with the application.

Hope this information will be helpful for you. If I am not wrong pl Upvote me and if some thing wrong pls comments me so that I will improve the same going forward.


Yes you can certainly make money coding, with the right skillset you can make a living of it and this isn't just anecdotal. There are numerous personalities like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg who have made empires with the help of coding.

You can give the gift of coding to kids at an early age preparing them for the future with codevita live's game development course.

Game development is a multi billion dollar industry more than music and art combined and you can kick start your kid's coding journey with our experts trained by institutions like MIT and Harvard at codevita live.

Check the link in description to find out more.


List of Proven Ways to Make Money from Coding Online. Blogging. Freelancing. Develop Apps. Make A Plugin Or Theme For WordPress. Become An Online Educator And Sell Courses Online. Join Coding Competitions. Start A Personal Website. Develop Games. Become A Python Developer. Conclusion on Getting Paid to Code Online.


First of all, my moto of this answer is not hurting of anyone and I don't want to manipulate anyone’s mind or mindsets through the answer.

So let's get this straight, making money is not difficult. earning money is depends on your skills, your talent, your sharp mind and mainly it depends on you. even robing a bank is give you so much money (B.T.W I don't say anyone to rob a bank and if you do please don't say cop about this answer and risk at your own not on me).

So many students complete their bachelor and masters but they don't know how to make money through what they learned from their universities or colleges. and according to question if you are programmer and you are doing coding or programing then you can do hell out of things to make money.

There are two ways of earning money. 1). Legally 2). Illegally

At first, we talk about

1). Legally :-


  • You can join companies and do job
  • You can do freelance work
  • You can teach and sell your programming courses to next generation programmers.
  • Make paid websites and software services.

2). Illegally (I do not recommend it to anyone, don't try this, and if you do it then it’s your own and don't mention it and hide your I.P address):-

  • Hack Bank Accounts
  • Leak movies and sell it
  • Hack premium websites and sell their premium content in a very low prices.
  • Do online scams


  1. Make Apps. Most people seriously over-estimate the skill level required to build an app. ...
  2. Work for Locals. Start-ups and big businesses naturally require professional-level programming. ...
  3. Run Tutorials. ...
  4. Freelance (Wisely) ...
  5. Enter Coding Contests.

And when it comes to minting money, they're pretty good at it. Coding or programming is one of the most sought after skills in the digital age. Programmers are highly paid. However, there are a lot of things programmers can do apart from the regular job and still earn more money than the stipulated salary.


Probably yes. If you believe that you are a fast learner, you will probably make good money. You should also find corners that most software developers are afraid of. For example, a good AI software developer, earn 4x ~ 10x of a senior developer. Like $400k~$1mm in the USA, I think.


There are many ways in which you can earn by coding:

  1. Freelancing: it is a good source of earning by coding. You can work as a freelance web developer, android or ios app developer, you can also work as a wordpress, wix etc developer. There are many people who need websites, mobile apps, etc which can earn you a decent earning. All you need to do is have a good skillset and portfolio that can being clients.

2. Apply for jobs: you can apply for job positions like junior developer, senior developer, software developer, etc and work in various companies that can give you a decent salary.

3. Startups/ self developed apps, websites : since you are a programmer, you can create websites, apps for your self, promote it, expand it till you can start earning from it.

4. Teaching : if you are better at teaching, you can work for various online teaching platforms, and share your knowledge of coding with others. Youtube is also another popular source for tutorials, that can bring you a decent earning.


Go on freelancing website like fiverr and create your gigs for whatever services you can provide into programming.

You will start getting orders for them. Programming is one of the highest services being used on these platform hence you can easily make good money as passive income.

Good Luck!!

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