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Russia banned access to Twitter and Facebook

Moscow management closed access to Facebook that censors the Russian broadcast channels.

Date: Sun Mar 06 2022 17:25:27 GMT+0300 (GMT+03:00)
Russia banned access to Twitter and Facebook-0 Russia banned access to Twitter and Facebook-1

Russia-Ukraine War on the 9th day: The Russian army was based on the door of Kiev

In Russia, the social media site has been banned access to Facebook and Twitter. Russia Federal Information Technologies and Mass Communications Supervisory Institution The statement was stated that discriminating on Russian media organizations on Facebook. In the statement pointed to Russian media organizations such as Ria Novosti, Russia Today, Ria Novosti, Russia Today, Sputnik, in the statement, "Russia is decided to prevent access to Facebook in the territory." the expression was used.

The TWITTER has been banned too Russian Federal Information Technologies and Mass Communication Supervisory (Roskomnadzor) in the statement (ROSKOMNADZOR), Russia was reported to be limited to resources on 24 February in the Russian Federation. In the explanation, the calls of uprising in the country, extremist activities were stated that the limitation decision to limit information, information technologies and information protection regulates the restriction procedure that regulates the restraint procedure for situations in contrast to the built-in procedure.

Companies also apply sanction to Russia

The only company that implements sanctions to Russia, who started the occupation of Ukraine, is not Facebook and Twitter. Google also announced that Russian channels turn off Youtube accounts to access.

In addition, both Facebook and Google prevented these channels from earning money.

Companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Daimler (Mercedes Benz), Jaguar Land Rover, H & M, Airbnb and Burberry were also included in Russia among the companies from the Terkeki.

The basis of natural gas, petroleum and petrochemical products of its economy was also sanctioned from companies working in this area. Giant companies such as BP, Shell, Exxonmobil and Equinor were explained that they will stop Russia investments.