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Metaverse will change the future of the future

The new Virtual Reality Company of Facebook aims to provide an environment that the Meta can work in their employees completely remotely. It is estimated that this will also create pressure on many companies in Europe.

Date: Mon Mar 07 2022 00:38:59 GMT+0300 (GMT+03:00)
Metaverse will change the future of the future-0 Metaverse will change the future of the future-1

They will do their weddings in metaverse: the deceased father-in-law will also attend

The new virtual reality company of Facebook expanding their operations in Europe will implement the remote working system to their employees. The company announced that people who were employed in Europe, including German, France and Spain, including virtual reality-oriented metaherse formation in the coming years. Another one of the companies of the company connecting waist on the remote operation system, the United Kingdom and Ireland, which has traditional forts of the IT sector, expand the talent pool. It is estimated that the Meta will increase the oppression on the European companies in terms of growing experienced skills in the recruitment strategy. The surveys also indicate that employees have greatly supported the flexible working order after the pandemia. "It's a size of the work of the work, but another size of the work, but the remote work defender IWO Szapar, while Facebook is looking for new workforce on the other hand, but on the other hand, it is noted that on the other hand. Hunting in the ability market The metadata plans to employ at least 10 thousand new employees from Europe in the next five years for the metaverse project. These figures will create a ripple in the tech pool which is highly large in Europe. The demand for technology employees has already left the supply in recent years. In Germany, the information technologies agency according to BITKOM's data of the end of 2021 in Germany, 96 thousand technology works, including software engineers, product managers and IT managers, including 96 thousand technology business. The institution expects the deficit in employment to increase this year.

In BITKOM, the technology workshop pools investigating Adel Holdampf-Wendel, "In the medium term, the demand in the medium term says that each company is in search of the technology expert in the technology expert. After working at the Pandemide almost two years, the employees are now often expressed that they want flexibility in the office environment. Hiring Platform Greenhouse's founding partner and President Jon Stross also proved that many people can be perfectly productive at home. And (remotely) says (remotely working). "Flexible working condition" On the other hand, the promises with remote work in new job postings are also limited. GreenHouse, which is largely working with technology and professional service companies, 5 percent of the listings on the platform offered remote work. This is more than 1.5 percent before the pandema. To develop mixed policies in working systems with the dissemination of working from home, has become the focus of companies. Some firms have also created remote work from outside the country. Szapar, which is a remote working platform and regulates seminars on this subject, says that the work outside of the office is to address multi-wanted technology workers such as software engineers. The German Software Firm Sap put one of the most liberal policies on this subject. The company began to allow its own workplaces and hours in coordinating their own work, taking into account customer needs more than 100 thousand employees in the world last summer. Christian Schmeichel, who presided the company's remote and hybrid operation efforts, he said that the SAP employees were already working at home before the epidemic of SAP employees. Schmeichel, "Flexible work, a basic feature of competition for the pursuit of ability and the best people. It will continue to be decisive and not only in our branch." If the Meta's spokesman is Cousins ​​"If your position is appropriate and you can do your job elsewhere, you can choose to work remotely. Maybe you were working in Ireland and you want to be in Ireland and you want to be in Spain or Germany.