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What is Clean Code? How to Write - 2020

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What is Clean Code?

The more complex and longer the codes are, the more it reduces the productivity of the software developers. Complicated programs emerge when teams and people work together in harmony. While the people in the project are in control of the project detail, the people who will be involved in the project after the field are unaware of the code structure of the project. The person involved in the post must first read and understand the existing codes in order to benefit the project. At this point, clean code enters the circuit.

This term may be confusing to beginners. How is the code clean? It will be easier to start this by thinking the opposite of the cleaning action. There is a similarity of logic between a messy kitchen counter and a messy code. It is possible to see many glasses and plates, dirty pots, food residues, badly arranged cutting tools on the messy kitchen counter. In fact, there are similar elements in scattered code. Many lines of code, badly named variables, multiple classes in a single file ...

How is the code clean?
Clean Your Codes

The concept of clean code is not a concept that bears the meaning of its name. What is meant by this concept; The processing of the codes, their structure, repetitions that do not fall, their regular and understandable forms. Aside from finishing the coding of a project, you can easily understand it even at the coding stage. In other words, it is possible to understand what you are doing with the codes you have, which command you want to give, and which method you solve questions with. However, after a while, the codes used in the project may seem incomprehensible. The healthiest way to eliminate this problem is to write clean code.

Benefits of Using Clean Code

The clean codes are easier to understand

  • The codes are easier to understand.
  • It is understood for which command the code is used.
  • It is easy to continue even when returning to the project after a long time.
  • Others can easily understand.
  • It is more easily maintained.
  • It is easier to test.

7 Tips on Writing Clean Code

Simple, Readable Codes

The first step is to keep the code as readable and simple as possible. That way, you can generate better quality code and resolve problems faster. It will be easier to work in developer groups and you will have a flexible code base.

Try to Understand the Code Written

Even if you are writing code in simple form that has an "if else" statement first, start by writing the code first on paper. So the idea behind the code will be easy to understand, and the algorithm and the whole compiler process will look more practical and logical.

Description Lines

It is possible to make debugging, updating, analyzing and other post-programming activities easy and efficient with the description lines. If the project is produced with teamwork, the explanation lines will speed up other people's understanding of the ideas and logic about the code.

Why we use descripton lines?
Description Lines

Optimizing Duplicate Codes

It is the process of using classes, functions, examples to prevent over and over writing of previously written code. It always gives better results.

Codes Allocated to Classes

The classifications made regarding the coding are similar to the regulations needed in all areas of our lives. Even in a grocery store, we find what we are looking for more easily thanks to the order we pay attention to while walking between the shelves. The classification process in the encodings is the same with this logic. Reading the codes and finding what we are looking for is simpler.

Reading the codes and finding what we are looking for is simpler.
The classifications made regarding the coding

Naming Codes

Naming codes properly is one of the important steps for anyone to have knowledge about coding. Although it is a very important step, it is often forgotten or neglected. With a correct naming convention, it is possible for a code to have the gates and updates of the next edits open.


Trying to produce whenever possible is a big investment not only for software developers but also for every professional group. Many sources such as online courses, experienced coders can be used.