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Being A Computer Engineer or Not

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Hello friends. In this article, I will tell you how I became a computer engineer, what computer engineers do and what kind of life they have. I have been interested in computers and technology since I was born. When I was 5 years old, I loved arcade games. My father could not afford me a horse because my family was poor. Likewise, I met computers very widely. I was going to my father's workplace to play computer. I did not have a computer until I was 14 years old. Until now, I have always talked about my interest in video games, but I didn't know what code was then. Actually, I never had a mind of being a computer engineer. My father wanted me to be a doctor, and I wanted to be a civil engineer. But unfortunately, after I could not become a doctor, my teachers directed me to computer engineering. I had no idea about computer engineering. But since computers always interested me, I never objected.

I dont know anything about computer engineer.
I had no idea about computer engineering.

The first things we learned when I first started college, what is the algorithm. This is where my life has changed. The algorithm was a set of steps to take sequentially to solve a problem. Yes, this is how the school taught us in theory. But I don't see it that way. For me, the algorithm was the essence of life. There are friends who will ask what does it mean the essence of life. My answer is this: everything in life consists of choices and their consequences. I define these choices as an algorithm, everything consists of 0 1 for me. Anyway, friends, my perspective on life has changed with the algorithm. Now I can calmly define my problems and find solutions for them. Yes, I explained that computer engineering improves my problem solving ability by affecting my private life.

Algorithm changed my life.
Algorithm is the essence of life.

How much do computer engineers earn?

dont think salary of computer engineering

Another issue many of you are wondering about: "How much do computer engineers earn?" It is very difficult to explain this in numbers. Friends, no matter what profession you are in, you should not expect much salary in the first years of your profession. In computer engineering, your salary is determined by what you know, your experience and the projects you can reference. Since we will have little knowledge in the first years of your profession, we start with a small salary. But don't worry, even the little salary we will earn in your first year is better than the salaries of many professions. The more you develop yourself in software programming or hardware development, the more you earn. So how much is earned at most? Friends, just as there is no limit to learning, there is no limit to your money you can earn.

Disadvantages of Computer Engineering

I have always praised computer engineering. Is there no disadvantage in this profession? Of course there is. If you are a computer engineer, you cannot say “I'm done today, let me turn the computer off, let me go to my house”, things never end, and no matter how flawless a job you come up with, there is always something to do. You write the most error-free code this time, performance problems occur, you solve performance problems, this time different requests from customers. In other words, it seems that the job is never finished for computer engineers, and someday we work sleeplessly until the morning. If you want to become a computer engineer, hard work should be something you can afford. Working a lot and unlimitedly has a great impact on our private lives. You put off many social activities, even on weekends! Imagine if you went out to dinner to celebrate your wedding anniversary with your spouse and your phone rang. Who is calling? Your boss… Calls you in a panic and says the server has crashed and thousands of customers have fled from your site. At that moment, you leave your spouse at the table and go to the office to solve the problem. If you do not have an understanding wife, you may lose your profit in this situation. If you don't go to work, your business! But do not get upset, such situations are rare, but you should still be ready for similar situations.

Another disadvantage of being a computer engineer is that we are always in stress. Sometimes you cannot sleep because "I wonder if there was a problem with the site". When you go to the office in the morning, you open the door in fear. You look through the door when you walk in, and if people are happy, you relax. Millions of people may be using a project made by a computer engineer. Think ! What if a system used by so many people explodes because of your fault? That's why it's a bit of a stressful job. But don't get upset, because you're not the only one responsible for working on a project as big as millions of people use. Of course, the testing, quality and marketing teams test the project from every angle and share the responsibility of your project.

If being a computer engineer is so difficult, why do I brag about being a computer engineer?

Until now, I have explained to be a computer engineer in every aspect. I think the advantages are more. But it's still a decision you make.

I am proud to be a computer engineer. Because we take part in many projects that can really be beneficial to people and even the whole universe. The lawyer's income increases with the increase in litigation and crime, and the doctor's income increases with the increase in illness and disaster. However, the income of the engineer increases as the well-being of people and the nation increases. That's why I'm proud to be an engineer. The doctor is known for the stethoscope in his hand, the files in the hands of the lawyer, the chalk in the hand of the teacher. But the engineer has nothing. Everything is in his mind. That is why the engineer's capital is his ideas. The engineer should spend all his possibilities to realize the ideas in his mind.


As a result, friends computer engineering is a good profession that requires patience. It teaches to look at life analytically. It allows you to solve your problems easily and calmly. As you improve yourself, your earnings increase.We have come to the end of this article where I tell you about computer engineering from my point of view. If this article caught your attention, you can read another article named Why should we learn programming? as the next step.