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12 Great Visual Studio Code Plugins for Web Developers

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With hundreds of add-ons in the store, you can cut and cut Visual Studio Code as you wish and make it suitable for your needs.

Serious lover of developers, Visual Studio Code has managed to become a popular code editor used by countless web developers since 2015. With its built-in Git support, IntelliSense that helps autocomplete code, extensive search, and advanced Debugger features, Visual Studio Code deserves all the praise for it.

Another important reason why Visual Studio Code is so accepted by web developers is the add-on feature besides what it offers internally. With hundreds of add-ons in the store, you can cut and cut Visual Studio Code as you wish and make it suitable for your needs.

There is always something to suit your needs in the Visual Studio Marketplace. Still, as a web developer, I'm sure you'll want to take a look at:

01. Font Awesome Codes for HTML

If you often make use of Font Awesome icons in your design projects , this Visual Studio Code plugin will be worth at least as much as a dollar . With over 1,000 icons, Font Awesome is extremely simple to use. You can use all the Font Awesome icons by placing the pre-built CSS codes in your HTML elements.

Font Awesome Codes for HTML makes it effortless for you to define Font Awesome CSS into HTML. To use the ready-to-run plugin, simply type the CSS class name with a fa-prefix. With the drop-down menu that appears right after, you can choose the icons you want as pinpoint.

02.CSS Peek

With the CSS Peek plugin, you can add an inline CSS editor to Visual Studio Code Inspired by Adobe's Brackets code editor, CSS Peek helps you edit the lines of the CSS file while editing an HTML file, without leaving the screen you're on.

When you “browse” a class, ID, or HTML tag, CSS Peek displays all relevant CSS rules in the inline editor. This way, you can edit your stylesheet directly from your HTML file and don't have to view all the CSS to find the relevant rules. Or were you still editing CSS in classic ways?

03. VS Color Picker

If you are working very tightly with colors, your blood will warm to the VS Color Picker plugin. This plugin adds an easy-to-use color selection tool to your Visual Studio Code editor When you start typing a HEX value in your CSS file by pressing the # key, the plugin appears on the screen as a small color picker.

You can easily select a color from the color wheel, and select a color from your screen (such as a photo) by clicking on any color you want to use in your CSS.

04. VS Code Can I Use

An excellent add-on for Visual Studio Code that integrates the popular Can I Use web application with the code editor: VS Code Can I Use… This add-on is an instant browser compatibility checker for web developers It allows you to quickly check browser support for HTML, CSS, SVG, and JavaScript elements, properties, functions, or other syntax.

With VS Code Can I Use, you can highlight any text string in your code or use the keyboard shortcut Alt + i . You can view the compatibility data from the status bar at the bottom of the screen. VS Code Can I Use, an add-on that will lighten your workload; It supports popular internet browsers such as Chrome , Edge , Firefox , Internet Explorer and Safari .

05. csstre Validator

CSSTree Validator plug-in helps you write valid CSS code for Visual Studio Code The plugin validates your codes against W3C specs and browser implementations. The extension notifies you of problems ahead of time by highlighting incorrect attribute names, incorrect values, missing semicolons and other errors.

CSSTree Validator runs quietly in the background while you work on your project. So you can see the problems in real time. Also, CSSTree Validator can give you suggestions on how to fix errors. By adding this add-on to Visual Studio Code, you can pre-notice the problems that arise while preparing your CSS codes and save time in your every work.

06. Live Sass Compiler

You can compile your Sass and SCSS files to CSS in real time with the help of Live Sass Compiler. Not only that, it also reloads CSS in the browser when you save your file. Plus the ability to compile Sass or SCSS to minimized CSS.

07. ES5 / ES6 and CSS Minifier

Thanks to ES5 / ES6 and CSS Minifier , you can minify your CSS and JavaScript files effortlessly After installing this plugin in Visual Studio Code, a small "Minify" button will appear in the status bar at the bottom of the editor Click the button and the plugin will create a scaled-down version of your file in your working directory.

Since the "Minify" button only appears when there is an active .CSS or .JS file in the editor, it does not overcrowd the editor. The extension is also able to shrink the new ES6 syntax.

You can also combine ES5 / ES6 and CSS Minifier with its own Clean CSS optimizer and Uglify-ES JavaScript compressor and beautifier. The extension automatically scans for the corresponding .cleancssrc and .uglifyrc configuration files. If it finds any of these files, it uses the configurations you specified while minimizing the CSS and JavaScript files.

08. Atom JavaScript Snippet

If you've used Atom before and memorized prefixes for JavaScript code snippets, you'll love this plugin. Atom JavaScript Snippet provides you with Atom's JavaScript snippets , inside Visual Studio Code Even if you are not familiar with Atom snippets, you can use this extension to significantly improve your workflow and save yourself time.

Atom JavaScript Snippet has easy-to-remember prefixes for a variety of JavaScript syntax and logic. Just to give a few examples; Shortcuts for key-value pairs, if-else statements, loops, anonymous functions, arrow functions, Promises and more ...

09. ESLint

Using ESLint, you can integrate popular ESLint JavaScript and JSX linter with Visual Studio Code. ESLint helps you discover JavaScript errors and inconsistencies before running code. So this plugin can help you save most of the time you spend for Debugging in your pocket.

By default, the ESLint plugin checks for errors in the file as you write JavaScript code. However, you can configure the add-in to check your entire folder or workspace at once. If you wish, you can create different markup rules for any folder by adding an .eslintrc configuration file to each .

10. JavaScript Booster

If you want to improve the quality of your JavaScript codes and write cleaner code, the JavaScript Booster extension is just for you! This plugin offers tips and suggestions on how you can improve your JavaScript code. You can access the tips that JavaScript Booster offers for you by clicking the light bulb icon it adds to the beginning of each line.

JavaScript Booster reminds you of many things you forget while coding. For example, removing abbreviations and redundancies, splitting or merging declarations, replacing strings with template strings, and much more! The plugin works not only with JavaScript, but also with JSX. Consequently, I believe React developers will find the JavaScript Booster plugin useful as well.

11. WordPress Snippet

Visual Studio Marketplace also has some nice plugins for WordPress developers that will greatly simplify their daily work. For example, the WordPress Snippet plugin allows you to add thousands of WordPress snippets to your Visual Studio Code editor. Moreover, the plugin is compatible with official WordPress documents. The WordPress Snippet helps you access not only snippets, but constants, classes, hooks and other WordPress constructs.

Basically with this plugin, you can integrate the entire WordPress API with Visual Studio Code. Snippets appear in real time while coding, thanks to the plugin's autocomplete feature. WordPress Snippet will save time for all developers who are good with WordPress code.

12. WooCommerce Snippets & Autocomplete

If you are not just a WordPress developer and build WooCommerce stores, this extension can be a boon for you. WooCommerce Snippets & Autocomplete works just like the WordPress Snippet extension mentioned above, but also supports the WooCommerce API.

As soon as you start typing in the editor, snippets appear on the screen. The WooCommerce Snippets & Autocomplete plugin not only helps with function, class and hook names, but also adds editable placeholders for parameters you need to use.

Last Words

Visual Studio Code has many more useful add-ons so you can customize it according to your needs. Plugins seem to affect the pedigree developer experience, but they significantly improve your quality when coding. Many plugins save you time as well as making the coding process painless.